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PurMop® Cleanroom Trolleys

A Perfect Solution for Each Application within the Cleanroom

ERGO-System | Mop Dosage
Our intelligent cleanroom system – touchless, reproducible and ERGOnomic thanks to the unique fluid dosage.
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2.0 ERGO-S | 2.0 ERGO | 1.0 ERGO-S | 1.0 ERGO

GO | System for ready-to-use mops
The cleaning trolleys of the PurMop® GO-Series are designed for use with PurMop® Ready-2-Use or presaturated mops. These mops already contain the required amount of fluid in the product packaging, therefore eliminating the need to dose the liquid in the trolley.

PREPARE | Presaturation Systems
The PREPARE stainless steel presaturation system is an ultra compact and mobile cleaning system for presaturating mops and has a 2-bucket design. By pouring cleaning / disinfecting fluid over the mops in the bucket, these can be easily and safely saturated before usage. One bucket is for picking up the fresh mops, the other is intended to discard the used mops.

UNO | DUO | TRIO-S | TRIO | Wringer Systems
With our PurMop® UNO, DUO and TRIO-Series we offer a wide range of cleaning trolleys with wringer, from compact single bucket to triple bucket systems and in stainless steel or plastic material. Wringer systems can be used for various cleaning tasks, such as 2-stage mopping as well as cleaning with detergent and disinfectant or disinfection without mop change.

PurMop® Cleanroom Trolleys

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Cleanroom trolley