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Our Products

PurMop® Cleanroom Mopping Systems

Easy to handle - but extremely effective


Our products for the manual cleaning and disinfection of floors, walls and ceilings:


> Mops - disposable mops, reusable mops, special mops    
      (mop cover)

> Cleaning Trolley - stainless steel or plastic systems
      (cleanroom celaning trolley, hygiene cleaning trolleys or bucket trolleys)
> Handles & Frames -  stainless steel, aluminium or plastic
      (mop accessory)


PurMop® Product overview

PurWipe® Cleanroom Wipes

Safe cleaning – Your cleanroom surfaces

Our products for removal of contaminations and germs on surfaces, machines and products:

> Nonwoven wipes - PurWipe® N-series
    (cleanroom wipe or lint-free wipe)
> Knitted wipes - PurWipe® K-series
    (cleanroom wipe or cleanroom microfiber wipe)
> Presaturated wipes - PurWipe® V-series 
    (disinfection wipe)

PurWipe® Product overview

PurGuard Disposable Protective Clothing

Ideally protected for a better producing

Our products to protect humans and products within a critical cleanroom environment:

> Full sight goggles - single use goggles, reusable goggles 
    (cleanroom goggles or cleanroom protective goggles)


PurGuard Product overview