PurMop® Cleanroom Mops

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Disposable Mops | E-Series: For single-use in a cleanroom
Controlling critical cleanroom contamination – one clean mop at a time. PurMop® disposable mops perfectly meet the high requirements for safety and consistent quality in cleanroom cleaning. With the PurMop® E-Series we offer a range of cleanroom mops which deliver superior cleaning performance.
E-Series: Dry | Ready-2-Use Mops: V-Series – presaturated

Reusable Mops | M-Series: For multiple use in a cleanroom
A range of high quality polyester and microfiber mops for decontamination and reuse in cleanrooms.
M-Series: Dry

Hygiene Mops | SaniMop®: For usage within grey and hygiene areas
Reusable hygiene mops are durable microfiber mops for usage in grey and hygiene areas (outside the cleanroom). They are made for multiple washing and reusage.
Hygiene Mops: Dry


PurMop® Cleanroom mops

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Cleanroom mops