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Cleanroom Wipes for self saturation – easy and safe usage

Dry nonwoven wipes pack with lid allows to soak yourself with the agent of your choice for any cleaning tasks.

Cleanroom wipes dry and pre-impregnated – why not soak yourself?

Dry and pre-soaked wipes have long been part of our product portfolio. So what's missing are wipes that you can impregnate yourself, without spraying. What if these wipes then also remain ready for use for a few days after impregnation? We didn’t have to think about which wipe to use. The PurWipe® N2 is very popular with our customers, so we decided to choose this one. It’s a microfiber nonwoven wipe which consists purely of synthetic fibers and boasts a high fluid absorption combined with reduced particle emission. We developed a chemical resistant pouch with a lid and stacked the wipes in it with individually z-fold. So the new product was born! Now you can add a wide range of cleaning and disinfectant agents for which today there is no pre-soaked wipe available. Best of all, you can continue to use your proven agent and do not need to revalidate. The pouch is resistant to common cleanroom bactericides, sporicides and detergents.

What are the advantages of the new N2-109-S VP?

_ Ready for saturation with your fluid of choice
_ Pouch with lid
_ Purely synthetic microfiber nonwoven material
_ The pouch and the wipe are resistant to a wide range of common cleanroom bactericides, sporicides and detergents
_ Reduction of VOC by avoiding triggering of spraying liquid into a dry wipe.
_ Highest cleaning ability through microfiber

N2-109-S VP is easy to use

At first open the lid and remove the protective foil. Lift the lid with one hand and fill in 500 ml (16.9 oz) of agent. Then wait briefly for the liquid to be absorbed from the surface into the stack of wipes. Close the lid. Now wait 5 minutes to be sure to get a complete saturation – do not move the pack. After 5 minutes the wipes are ready to use. Just open the lid and take a wipe out. So that the liquid does not evaporate, close the lid again after removal. Within a week, the soaked wipes should be used up.

More about N2-109-S VP

PurWipe® N2-109-S VP

Instructions for PurWipe® N2-109-S VP