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PurMop® - Cleanroom Cleaning

Intelligent Solutions for a Perfect Cleanliness within the Cleanroom

> Cleanroom Mops
Easy handling – effective results
The mop head is the center-piece of every cleanroom mopping system. Its task is to effectively remove surface contamination as well as to evenly distribute disinfectant solution. Cleanroom mops should be easy to handle, clean and safe at every usage, while still being cost-effective. PurMop® disposable mops combine these features perfectly.
PurMop® sets the benchmark
PurMop® has become internationally synonymous with microfiber cleaning efficiency and highest quality standards in cleanroom cleaning, and is used thousands of times every day in cleanrooms around the world.

> Cleaning Trolleys
Engineered in Germany
PurMop® cleaning trolleys are designed to the highest quality standards and specifically for the requirements in cleanroom cleaning. They combine a high level of user-friendliness and efficiency in use, with a modular design and premium stainless steel finishing. Our cleaning trolleys can be individually configured according to your specific requirements. Thanks to well thought-out functionality, they allow considerable savings on disinfectant and cleaning time.

> Equipment - Handles & Frames
Cleaning tools for a shining performance
Whether stainless steel, aluminium or plastic - PurMop® offers a wide range of high quality cleaning equipment for every cleanroom cleaning task.  Smooth, polished stainless steel surfaces ensure easy cleanability and provide long-term resistance against steam sterilization and chemicals. PurMop® plastic and aluminium tools are characterized by their light weight and excellent user friendliness. Designed for touchfree handling, with modular and screwless connections, PurMop® equipment ensures optimal ergonomics in cleanroom cleaning.

PurMop® Cleanroom Cleaning