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We Train for Safe Operation in the Cleanroom

Learn about Effective Cleanroom Contamination Control

The training of all staff working in cleanroom environments is not only a GMP requirement but also an important tool for assuring safety and quality. Humans are the number one source of cleanroom contamination, and so, not only their behaviour and garment concept is important, but also the correct procedure for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.

As a specialized manufacturer of cleanroom hygiene solutions, we offer trainings on effective cleanroom cleaning procedures and how they can help to improve the overall production safety and drive compliance with external regulation. We offer our customers specific training programs suited to your individual requirements and performed at your facility, with a focus on practical exercises and participant motivation.

Cleanroom Training - In-House, individual, practical

_ Basic training on cleanroom technology, GMP, personal hygiene, behaviour and cleaning 
_ High rate of practical simulations and trainings
_ Performed by certified or experienced professionals
_ Our aim: Maximum knowledge transfer, certified qualification, high participant motivation for lasting results

For further information on our trainings, please contact us.