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PREPARE - Easy presaturation of mops

The PREPARE stainless steel presaturation system is an ultra compact and mobile cleaning system for presaturating mops and has a 2-bucket design. By pouring cleaning / disinfecting fluid over the mops in the bucket, these can be easily and safely saturated before usage. One bucket is for picking up the fresh mops, the other is intended to discard the used mops.

PurMop® PREPARE is made entirely of stainless steel, is easy to clean and fully autoclavable. Thanks to its simple and modular design, it is easy to take apart and can be used as a stand-alone system or added to a trolley for enhanced capacity.


The perforation of the sieve distributes the fluid evenly over the mops.
Saturation is achieved after just a few minutes.






Presaturation System - how it works

Pre-preparation is a singe method for sturating cleanroom mops with fluid before cleaning process.
The "conventional" wringing in a flat wringer is no longer necessary. This is how it works:

Presaturation - how it works