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The ERGO-System - innovative cleanroom cleaning

Non-contact processes-no touching-no bending-no force cost

The touching of used mop covers and contaminated cleaning equipment such as mop frames carry a high risk for the distribution of contamination in cleanrooms. PurMop ® Ergo allows a completely touchless operation of the cleaning trolley in only 3 steps, as mentioned below:

1. the Pick-Up, 2. the dosage and 3. the discard of the mop.

A European patent underlines the innovative power of the ERGO concept with 3-stage working methods (3 containers).

The ERGO workflow

Watch the Video on http://youtube.com/HydroflexEN


Reproducible processes

We  developed an innovative wetting system which provides a defined amount of liquid (cleaning/disinfectant) on the mop with only one activity. Consequently, discrepancies in wetting performance due to excessive or too low presaturation of the mop as well as faulty operation such as reusage of a contaminated mop are consequently counteracted. The process is defined by the system and can be repeated with a minimum of deviations – for a safe, GMP compliant process.


Sophisticated ERGOnomicergonomie

Our aim is to design the work processes and functions of all components in such a way that the minimum possible health burdens for the user arise. The ergonomics of a cleaning system can strongly impact the result and therefore the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection. Our answer to this: an uncomplicated, easy-to-use and quick learn system that requires the least amount of effort, avoids bending and lifting of heavy buckets or boxes and eliminates the need to touch the mop. In sum, it is a cleanroom cleaning system that can hardly be overlooked in terms of usability.