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Hydroflex is a leading supplier and manufacturer of cleanroom cleaning systems. Our specialized product solutions for manual cleaning and disinfection help control and eliminate particles and germs in cleanrooms every day – in over 40 countries worldwide. Under our established product brands PurMop® and PurWipe® we develop and distribute certified mopping systems and wipes for all applications in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Thanks to our ongoing innovation and product development, a clear focus on comprehensive service and our certified quality management system, renowned companies from industries such as Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Microelectronics, Optics and many more rely on us. With our worldwide distribution network, established production sites and expert knowledge in cleanroom hygiene we are ready to support you.

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Happy employee anniversary!

The people make the place

The people make the place

Employee anniversaries are always a special reason for us to celebrate. As a relatively young company, we are all the prouder that we have employees who have been an important part of the company for a long time and have contributed to its rapid growth.

Recently, Dr. Adriana Ilie-Bertrams, Matteo Barilla and Norman Spamer celebrated their 5th year anniversary. Renate Starc-Dumitru has been part of the Hydroflex team for over 10 years now. During this time, she says she has grown beyond herself and has achieved more with and for the company than she ever thought possible.

Thank you all very much for your great commitment, your trust and your loyalty! We look forward to many more years with you!

Happy Lunar New Year!

A good start to the Year Of The Dragon!

Just over a month after the start of the new year in Germany and many other countries, the Chinese New Year begins this weekend. This is due to the fact that the day of the Chinese New Year is determined by the lunar calendar. According to Chinese tradition, 2024 is the year of the dragon. The dragon is one of the twelve zodiac signs in the Chinese horoscope and stands for luck, strength and growth. The New Year is prepared and celebrated for several weeks before and after the actual New Year’s Day.

Vietnam, Korea and other Asian countries are also starting the new year this weekend.

We wish our Asian friends, colleagues and customers a great start to the New Year and happy celebrations with their loved ones!

New Year's Meeting 2024

Teamwork makes the dream work

Last week, we had the first Hydroflex Team Event of 2024. At our annual New Year's meeting, we focused on our company strategy for 2024, set goals for further expansion and planned to strengthen synergies within Hydroflex and our subsidiaries.

Together, we looked back at the many achievements and milestones of the past year with each department giving a brief outlook on the most important targets for 2024. We are aligned: Hydroflex will continue to add value to our customers and partners all around the world and will be true to our mission of technology leader in cleanroom cleaning. We were also thrilled to have a detailed update on the cooperation and our ongoing projects with World Vision and Tafel Giessen – two organizations which we strongly support, and which are very close to all our hearts.


On-site training at the customer

Insight: Customer training by our sales team

Training is one of the most important aspects of our holistic customer support. Too often, simple application errors can lead to sub-optimal cleaning results, demotivated users or unnecessary use of resources such as time and disinfectants. Therefore, it is key for us to provide close support to our customers and to address site-specific conditions in order to reach maximal efficiency in cleanroom cleaning.

Regular training and consulting of cleaning operators are therefore part of our sales team's routine. In addition to demonstrating optimal cleaning methods for various cleanroom classes and situations and the precise demonstration of product functions, maintenance of the cleaning equipment is also an integral part of our training scope.


We are a proud sponsor of Tafel Giessen!

No one should suffer from hunger!

That is why we at Hydroflex have been supporting Tafel Giessen as regional sponsor for 3 years now. The organization ensures that surplus food does not end up in the trash, but is distributed to people who cannot provide themselves with enough food. Unfortunately, more and more people in Germany are dependent on food donations and it moves us how many people in our area would go hungry without the valuable work of Tafel Giessen.


Winner - German Design Award 2024

Winner – German Design Award 2024

When developing the PurMop BLACK® C1 carbon fiber mop system, our focus was on providing outstanding user-friendliness and ergonomics in cleanroom cleaning. Simultaneously, we wanted the design to match the unique handling of this innovative cleaning tool and created a design language which is now typical for our PurMop BLACK® Performance Line products. The distinctive pattern of the carbon fiber (CFRP) composites is elegantly complemented by geometric, progressively designed elements. The bold design not only looks stylish, but also simplifies handling and increases cleaning performance. This design work, craftmanship and attention to detail has more than paid off: We are excited and proud to announce that our PurMop BLACK® C1 carbon fiber mop system has won the German Design Award in the category "Excellent Product Design - Workshop and Tools".


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