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Hydroflex is a leading supplier and manufacturer of cleanroom cleaning systems. Our specialized product solutions for manual cleaning and disinfection help control and eliminate particles and germs in cleanrooms every day – in over 40 countries worldwide. Under our established product brands PurMop® and PurWipe® we develop and distribute certified mopping systems and wipes for all applications in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Thanks to our ongoing innovation and product development, a clear focus on comprehensive service and our certified quality management system, renowned companies from industries such as Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Microelectronics, Optics and many more rely on us. With our worldwide distribution network, established production sites and expert knowledge in cleanroom hygiene we are ready to support you.

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Co-CEO Edward Becker visits sponsored children in Vietnam

World Children's Day

What can be more important than giving children a beautiful childhood which is as carefree and nurturing as possible? At Hydroflex, we want to do our part to help children have a better childhood and brighter future. Too many children around the world still suffer from insufficient nutrition, lack of medical care, education or access to clean drinking water. Through World Vision, we have taken on the sponsorship of children in Vietnam and are happy to be able to witness their development.​


Sterilization PurMop BLACK® C1

Is our Carbon Fiber Mop System (PurMop BLACK® C1) autoclavable and resistant to hydrogen peroxide?

The PurMop BLACK® carbon fiber mop system has been extensively tested for steam sterilization and hydrogen peroxide decontamination. Autoclaving of the C1 was tested at 121°C (249.8°F) for 20 minutes and at 134°C (237.2°F) for 5 minutes. Full decontamination with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in vaporized form at 35% concentration was tested for a period of 100 hours.

PurMop BLACK® C1 withstood both sterilization processes without any negative visual or functional effects. 

Thus, our carbon fiber mop system is suitable for repeated, permanent sterilization using these methods.

Want more info or samples? Contact us now at info@hydroflex-group.com

PurMop BLACK® F1-S and PurWipe® N2 VP

Easy self-saturation with the mop and wipe Fillpack concept!

Small cleanroom environments without space for a cleaning trolley and/or varying disinfectant requirements – these are common challenges, knows to many cleanroom operators. With our Fillpack concept, you now have maximum flexibility in the choice of liquid and can easily clean your cleanroom without needing to use a trolley or a trigger spray. The pouches can be filled with the liquid of choice at any time and are then ready for use within just a few minutes. Our Fillpacks are extensively tested for all common disinfectants and detergents and is fully validated, available sterile.


We are hiring!

We are hiring!

Are you looking for a position that will help you grow, which offers plenty of room for your own ideas and which promotes creativity? Would you like to work in a young, dynamic team with flat hierarchies and a strong sense of unity?

Then join us in Team Hydroflex! We currently have several open positions in different company departments. A modern workplace in an extraordinary building as well as the opportunity to actively contribute to driving innovation in a future-oriented market are waiting for you.

Check out our open positions now: Stellenangebote (hydroflex-group.com)

The Hydroflex Family would love to get to know you personally!

Half-Year Meeting 2023

Half-Year Meeting 2023 – "Building Teamwork​"

Last week, the entire Team Hydroflex came together at our German Headquarters for the Hydroflex Half-Year Meeting 2023. Our colleagues from Asia and the Americas made the long journey to experience a week filled with trainings, networking and interesting conversations, and getting to know the many new Hydroflex family members.​


President of the District Government visits Hydroflex

President of the District Government visits Hydroflex

Recently we had the pleasure of welcoming a high-ranking visitor to our company headquarters in Buseck. We were honored to give the President of the Regierungspräsidium Gießen, Prof. Dr. Christoph Ullrich, an insight into our company and the global relevance of our cleanroom cleaning solutions.

As a "Hidden Champion" and a highly specialized company, Hydroflex is not known to everyone, even in the region, and despite its worldwide success. That is why we are very pleased to be acknowledged as an innovative company with high potential by the Regierungspräsidium Gießen.​

We say "Danke"!

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