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GO - Trolley for Ready-2-Use Mops

Safe to use - Easy to store

The cleaning trolleys of the PurMop® GO-Series are designed for use with PurMop® Ready-2-Use or presaturated mops. These mops already contain the required amount of fluid in the product packaging, therefore eliminating the need to dose the liquid in the trolley. To ensure a safe handling of the presaturated mops and facilitate touchfree mop pick up and discarding after use. The GO-Series trolleys offer a simple but effective solution.

Special features:
_ For usage with presaturated / Ready-2-Use mops
_ With foldable handle for space-saving storage
_ Polished stainless steel surfaces, fully autoclavable
_ Non-abrasive and electrostatically conductive castors
_ Touchless handling with mop discarding mechanism

Place the presaturated mops into the first bucket. Pick up a fresh mop and start wiping. Discard used mop after wiping into the mop waste bag.

Usage of GO Trolley

After usage, clean the buckets, discard waste bag,fold trolley handle and store in designated place.

Storage of GO Trolley

Watch the „GO“ video online on our YouTube channel!

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