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V-Series | Presaturated Wipes

Ready-2-Use, Safe and Convenient

With our presaturated wipes of the PurWipe® V-Series, we have developed a solution which is ready-to-use from the first wipe. There is no need to use a separate detergent or disinfectant. Safely packed in a resealable pouch, the wipes can be removed individually and used immediately. V-Series wipes eliminate the aerosol concentration caused by spraying of alcohols, the risk of incorrect dosing and time-consuming handling.

Features of our presaturated cleanroom wipes:
_ Ready-to-use, presaturated with:
    isopropanol 65% / ethanol 5% / pharma water 30%
_ Available in two different qualities (nonwoven and knitted)
_ Processed and packaged in a cleanroom ISO 5
_ Effective cleaning and disinfection performance

Use biocidal products safely. Always read the label and product information before use!

PurWipe V3-109 II

PurWipe® V3-109 II

Microfiber nonwoven | non-sterile | 9" x 9"

Item no. 2186200


PurWipe V3-109-S II

PurWipe® V3-109-S II

Microfiber nonwoven | sterile | 9" x 9"

Item no. 2186201


PurWipe V3-112 II

PurWipe® V3-112 II

Microfiber nonwoven | non-sterile, 12" x 12"

Item no. 2186202


PurWipe V3-112-S II

PurWipe® V3-112-S II

Microfiber nonwoven | sterile | 12" x 12"

Item no. 2186203


PurWipe V4-209 II

PurWipe® V4-209 II

Polyester Knit | non-sterile | 9" x 9"

Item no. 2186204


PurWipe V4-209-S II

PurWipe® V4-209-S II

Polyester Knit | sterile | 9" x 9"

Item no. 2186205


PurWipe V4-212 II

PurWipe® V4-212 II

Polyester Knit | non-sterile | 12" x 12"

Item no. 2186206


PurWipe V4-209-S II

PurWipe® V4-212-S II

Polyester Knit | sterile | 12" x 12"

Item no. 2186207