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ICT Isolator Cleaning

Easy and safe cleaning of isolators, workbenches and hard to access areas

PurMop ® ICT is a compact cleaning tool for isolators, workbenches and hard to access areas in GMP and sterile cleanrooms

The set consists of three parts:

1. Stainless steel or aluminium handle NEW!
2. Stainless steel mop frame
3. Disposable Mop series PurMop® EC20-S

The EC20-S is a sterile, high-purity disposable mop pad made of polyester and is suitable for effective disinfection of critical surfaces such as glass and stainless steel. It is optionally  available in a presaturated version with IPA 70% / DI water 30%.



  • Ergonomic, lightweight manoeuvrable tool made of stainless steel or aluminium (new!)
  • Permanently autoclavable, abrasion resistant and GMP compliant
  • Guarantees maximum user safety for the disinfecktion of health-hazardous areas such as safety workbenches
  • For improved ergonomics and easy accessibility of hard-to-reach areas
  • High-quality Single-Use mop with good absorbency

    ICT2050                                   ICT2080 - SET2040 + MEP20                                   Isolator-Tool ICTA2080                                      
   ICT 2050 - stainless steel | fix                               ICT 2080 - stainless steel | telescopic                    ICTA 2080 - Aluminium | telescopic