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High-tech systems for a demanding cleanroom market

In case that safety and expertise are in demand

The demands for the manufacturing process  for industry sectors of Pharma, medical technology and food industry are continually increasing. The production is more and more done under cleanroom conditions and in strictly controlled areas. Rules, such as the Medical Device Act, the ISO and VDI guidelines, the GMP guideline and other EU regulations must be fulfilled. Hydroflex starts where cleanliness is significantly influenced: At the cleaning. We rely on simple, effective and safe solutions, for which quality, validation ability and reproducibility are first priority. We are able to do this because of our long-time experience in combination with our extensive market knowledge and our high professional competence. Our consultants are pleased to answer your questions or to arrange a training at any time.


These industry sectors rely on us:

Pharma                 Pharmacy                 Electronics                 Medical                 Mechanics                 Laboratory