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Cleanroom - a safe environment for critical processes

In case that safety and expertise are in demand

The requirements for a controlled and hygienic environment in the production of pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic or even food products are continually increasing. Production processes are more and more performed under cleanroom conditions and in strictly controlled or sterile areas. At the same time, internal as well as external regulations, such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14644, GMP and FDA, Medical device regulations and others need to be adhered to.

Hydroflex is positioned to deliver, where the maintenance of a safe cleanroom environment is significantly influenced: in cleaning and disinfection. A robust and effective cleaning routine for cleanroom surfaces is imperative to maintaining both cleanroom classification and a safe production environment for critical products. We provide simple, effective and safe solutions, which perform on the highest level during every usage and make validation of cleaning procedures easier. While working with our customers we take an individual approach to understand their specific challenges and always aim to deliver the optimal cleaning solution. Thanks to many years of experience and professional expertise, free consultation, on-site trials and user trainings are part of our daily tasks.


These industry sectors rely on us:

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