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PurWipe® - Cleanroom Wipes

Pure Wipes for Every Cleanroom Application

The PurWipe® range of premium cleanroom wipes is developed to fulfil the high requirements in disinfection and decontamination of critical cleanroom surfaces. Compliance is ensured through continuous quality control in manufacturing as well as full validation and testing by in-house laboratories and independant test institutes.

> N-Series | Nonwoven 
High absorbency and optimal economic efficiency
For usage in lower classified cleanrooms

> K-Series | Knit
Maximum cleanliness and highest resistance
For usage in critical cleanroom areas

€> V-Series | Presaturated
Ready-to-use, presaturated, safe and convenient
For usage in cleanrooms of each classification

> Reusable microfiber wipes
Microfiber cleaning performance and good absorbency
For multiple use in cleanrooms and hygiene areas

PurWipe® Cleanroom Wipes