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PurWipe® K3-312-S

Polyester-Polyamide-Microfiber Knit | sterile, 12" x 12"

PurWipe® K3
PurWipe® K3


The cleanrooom wipe PurWipe® K3 boasts a thick material made with finest microfibers which make it perfectly suited for fine cleaning. It does not only offer a high absorbability for fluids, but also ensures that sensitive surfaces will not be scratched thanks to its soft texture.

Application / Usage:
Recommended for fine cleaning and disinfection of critical surfaces or components in GMP and ISO cleanrooms.




PurWipe® K3-312-S

Polyester-Polyamide-Microfiber Knit | sterile, 12" x 12"

Item no. 2183409

Product information

_ Thick and robust polyester-polyamidemicrofiber knit
_ Highest cleaning ability through microfiber
_ High absorption capacity for disinfection or chemical spills
_ For fine cleaning of sensitive surfaces
_ VHP-resistant packing


Industry sectors
Pharma Mechanics Laboratory Medical Pharmacy Electronics

Technical data

Material: 80% polyester / 20% polyamide microfiber
Weight: 205 g/m² (± 8 g/m²)
Size: 12" x 12", 305 x 305 mm (± 10 mm)
Sterilisation: Gamma irradiated, SAL 10-6, validated according ISO 11137
Edges: Ultrasonic sealed (UB)
​Packaging: 10 wipes / bag, 10 bags / pack, 10 packs / carton [1.000 wipes]