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PurMop® SET2070-PK

Stainless Steel Telescopic Handle | medium length

PurMop® SET2070-PK
PurMop® SET2070-PK


PurMop® SET2070-PK is a medium length stainless steel telescopic handle for cleaning of floors, walls and ceilings. Individual length adjustment guarantees ergonomic cleaning. The longterm autoclavable and disinfectant resistant handle has a handle grip at the end which ensures optimal user-friendliness and safe handling during cleaning. Thanks to its clip system a quick and tool-free attachment of the compatible PurMop® frames is possible. The plastic parts consist of PEEK material which is characterized by high heat resistance.

Application / Usage:
Recommended for cleaning and disinfection of floors, walls and ceilings in cleanrooms up to ISO 4.




PurMop® SET2070-PK

Stainless Steel Telescopic Handle | medium length

Item no. 2131042

Product information

_ Polished stainless steel, durable
_ Suitable for floor, wall and ceiling cleaning
_ High-performance plastic, high heat resistance
_ Handle grip for ergonomic cleaning
_ Quick-change clip system


floor cleaning icon wall cleaning icon ceiling cleaning icon

Technical data

Dimensions: Length min. 77 cm, max.  145 cm (adjustable) / Diameter 4,5 cm
Weight: 670 g
Packing: 1 handle / bag, 5 bags / carton [5 handles]

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