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PurMop® ICT2050

Stainless Steel ICT-system | fixed

PurMop® ICT2050
PurMop® ICT2050


PurMop® ICT2050 is a special compact cleaning tool for isolators, workbenches and hard to access areas in GMP- and sterile cleanrooms. It is comprised of the two parts: fixed mop handle SEP50 and mop frame MEP20. For a compatible disposable mop pad of the EC20 series please refer to the separate datasheets. The sterile EC20-S mop pad is made from 100 % polyester knit and is ideal for the effective disinfection of critical surfaces. It is also optionally available presaturated.

Application / Usage: 
Recommended for interior cleaning of workbenches, isolators and hard-to-reach areas.




PurMop® ICT2050

Stainless Steel ICT-system | fixed

Item no. 2131015

Product information

_ Ergonomic, maneuverable stainless steel tool, durable
_ Ideal for cleaning of workbenches and isolators
_ Autoclavable, suitable for sterile cleanrooms
_ Handle grip for ergonomic cleaning
_ Quick-change clip system



Technical data

Dimensions:  Length 60,0 cm, width 19,0 cm / Diameter 4,2 cm
Weight: 440 g
Packing: 1 set / bag, 5 bags/ carton [5 sets]

Set, consisting of:
_ 1 piece | SEP50 stainless steel fixed handle, 50 cm
_ 1 piece | MEP20 stainless steel mop frame, 20 cm

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