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2.0 TRIO 310

Cleanroom cleaning trolley | wringer | 2-bucket-system | stainless steel

PurMop® 2.0 TRIO 310
PurMop® 2.0 TRIO 310


2.0 TRIO 310 is an ergonomic cleanroom cleaning trolley with wringer. The robust trolley has four 18 liters plastic buckets (two for fluid and two for storage of mops). The special design allows the discarding of used mops at the rear and therefore ensures a higher safety against cross-contamination. The PurMop® wringer has been developed for use in cleanrooms and is made of polished stainless steel. The innovative function of the wringer enables improved reproducibility by means of a defined wringing pressure and reduced user effort thanks to the force transmission mechanism.  The standard PurMop® accessories include a mop handle holder on the side and a rear waste bag holder for PurMop® waste bags.


ISO 7-8 C-D

2.0 TRIO 310

Cleanroom cleaning trolley | wringer | 2-bucket-system | stainless steel

Item no. 2125105

Product information

Ergonomic cleaning trolley with wringer system, touchless mop discarding and on-board mop storage
_ 4 plastic buckets, each 18 liters (3 x front, 1 x rear)
_ 1 stainless steel wringer
_ Mop discarding mechanism made of stainless steel
_ Handle holder (side) and waste bag holder (rear)
_ Plaque for individual marking
_ Plastic castors (electrically conductive), two with locking brake
_ Fully autoclavable
_ Polished stainless steel surfaces



 Industry sectors

Technical data

Size (LxWxH): 828 x 696 x 977 mm
Weight: 20.95 kg




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