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2.0 ERGO 200

Compact cleanroom cleaning tool| dosing unit | plastic

PurMop® 2.0 ERGO 200
PurMop® 2.0 ERGO 200


2.0 ERGO 200 is the most compact model of the series and is especially suitable for very small cleanrooms. It has two plastic buckets and allows the touchless pick-up and wetting of fresh mops. The unique ERGO wetting unit also enables reproducible, disinfectant-saving dosing in just one step and can be precisely adapted to the fluid requirements of the application using various mop plates. Thanks to the space-saving design, the 2.0 ERGO 200 can be easily stowed away and transported.




2.0 ERGO 200

Compact cleanroom cleaning tool| dosing unit | plastic

Item no. 2123027

Product information

Touchless mop pick-up and fluid dosage.
 _ 1 plastic bucket 18 l with mop carrier right | for new mops)
_ 1 plastic bucket 18 l with mop wetting device (left | for fluid)
_ Mop wetting unit made of stainless steel with mop plate
_ Without handlebar
_ Plaque for individual marking
_ Plastic castors (electrically conductive), two with brake
_ Fully autoclavable
_ Polished stainless steel surfaces



 Industry sectors

Technical data

_ Dimensions assembled (LxWxH): 50 x 60 x 42 cm
_ Weight: 10 kg



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