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PurGuard SV-900

Reusable Goggles

PurGuard SV-900
PurGuard SV-900


PurGuard SV-900 is a reusable and fully autoclavable goggle used in cleanrooms and sterile areas. The special anti-fog coating and ventilation design prevent fogging. The panoramic lense and soft frame material offer maximum wearer comfort and allround vision.




PurGuard SV-900

Reusable Goggles

Item no. 2962003

Product information

_ Soft and comfortable frame material, adjustable silicone headband
_ Robust lens material, resistant to disinfectants
_ Direct ventilation at the top and indirect ventilation at the bottom
_ Panorama lens
_ Fully autoclavable
_ CE certified


 Industry sectors
Electronics Mechanics Laboratory Medical PharmaPharmacy


Technical data

Size: Unitary Size, individually adjustable headband
Weight: 108 g
Frame material | color: Thermoplastic rubber - grey
Lens material | color: Polycarbonate - clear
Headband material | color: Silicone - clear
Packaging: 1 pc / bag, 10 bags / carton [case = 10 pcs] (10 cartons / overpack)