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PurGuard EV-100

Disposable Goggles

PurGuard EV-100
PurGuard EV-100


PurGuard EV-100 / 101 is a disposable goggle for use in cleanrooms and sterile areas. The ultra soft frame material and adjustable headband offer maximum wearer comfort, even when wearing prescription glasses.The special ventilation design and anti-fog coating effectively prevents fogging.


Disposable goggles advantages
_ Eliminates the need for cleaning and sterilization after use
_ Goggles are validated sterile and cleanroom suitable at every use
_ Easily and quickly adjustable headband




PurGuard EV-100

Disposable Goggles

Item no. 2961004

Product information

_ Soft and comfortable frame material
_ Robust lens material
_ Indirect ventilation and anti-fog coating
_ Adjustable silicone headband
_ CE certified


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Technical data

Size: Unitary Size, individually adjustable headband
Weight: 79 g
Frame material | color: PVC - clear
Lens material | color: Polycarbonate - clear
Headband material | color: Silicone - clear
Packaging:1 pc / pouch, 10 pouches / pack, 5 packs / carton [case = 50 pcs]