Winner – German Design Award 2024

When developing the PurMop BLACK® C1 carbon fiber mop system, our focus was on providing outstanding user-friendliness and ergonomics in cleanroom cleaning. Simultaneously, we wanted the design to match the unique handling of this innovative cleaning tool and created a design language which is now typical for our PurMop BLACK® Performance Line products. The distinctive pattern of the carbon fiber (CFRP) composites is elegantly complemented by geometric, progressively designed elements. The bold design not only looks stylish, but also simplifies handling and increases cleaning performance. This design work, craftmanship and attention to detail has more than paid off: We are excited and proud to announce that our PurMop BLACK® C1 carbon fiber mop system has won the German Design Award in the category "Excellent Product Design - Workshop and Tools".

The jury of the German Design Award describes PurMop BLACK® C1 as follows:

"The ‘PurMop BLACK® C1’ - Carbon cleanroom cleaning system is particularly lightweight. It also has sophisticated functionality, which makes work easier overall and promises excellent cleaning results."

This statement and all further information on the German Design Award can be found here: PurMop BLACK® C1 - German Design Award 2024

Many thanks to the jury! It is a great honor for us to have received this prestigious design award.

Winner - German Design Award 2024