Michael Ranft visits Hydroflex

"Hydroflex is a real flagship and showpiece for us"

New mayor gets an insight into newcomer’s operations in the industrial area.

Buseck, 23/02/2022 - Michael Ranft, in his responsibility as the new mayor of the municipality of Buseck, was pleased to be invited by the latest newcomer to the "Flößer Weg" industrial and commercial park in order to pay a visit to the brand new facility of Hydroflex Group GmbH. The managing directors Terry R. Becker and Edward Becker had cordially invited him to a tour.

"Even from the outside, the building is already very exciting," said Ranft and continued: "I was honestly very curious to see what awaited me inside." Edward Becker was able to more than satisfy this curiosity during a detailed tour of the company's state-of-the-art headquarters. Ranft was very impressed by the extensive showroom, warehouse and production facility, as well as the cleanrooms and laboratory. Remarkable and completely new for him, was the insight into the working methods of the innovative manufacturer of cleanroom cleaning solutions. The concept of "open space", in which there are no dedicated personal workplaces for employees and which enables colleagues to come together and work on respective projects at various locations within the facility, was also new for the community leader. "We focus on a constructive and open work culture," explains CEO Becker, adding, "This was also new to us at first, but we quickly recognized the benefits that agile working brings us."

Hydroflex is a newcomer in Buseck, and was previously located in Gladenbach, where the premises had reached their limits due to the rapid growth and global success in recent years. Mayor Ranft warmly welcomed the decision to relocate to Buseck, emphasizing that he was proud to have such a "young, dynamic and innovative" company in his community. "Hydroflex is a real flagship and showpiece for us," he said enthusiastically, and hopes that more companies of this kind will settle in the industrial area. "We feel very well at our new location in Buseck," Becker confirmed and is looking forward to ongoing cooperation with the head of the town hall.

Mayor visits Hydroflex HQ