Lounges 2019 exhibition review

Cleanroom cleaning past vs. future. Reusable meets disposable mop. Twice a day we sent a protagonist of the two systems to the debate stage with a humorous and interesting performance. As a result, the disposable mop advocate was able to persuade the reusable advocate with logical arguments. A new mop concept with a thin but highly performing microfiber mop pad, which significantly saves on disinfectant and time. In the end, the reusable protagonist decided not least on account of the convincing sustainability of the PurMop® Xtra mop concept. The reuse of the disposable mops outside of the cleanroom made the visitors listen up. The open discussions with the visitors on this topic were both interesting and mutually beneficial.

On the second day, about 60 visitors followed the market report "Optimization of the cleanroom cleaning practice in a pharmaceutical enterprise" of Terry Becker. An exciting article highlighted the issues faced by this pharmaceutical company regarding their production residues and how Hydroflex implemented a new, safe cleaning concept together with the customer through analysis and on-site testing.

The exhibition was crowned with receipt of the award REINER! from the Fraunhofer IPA Institute. The Fraunhofer Purity Award is given every year for outstanding ideas in cleanroom technology. The winners of the honorary prize will be selected by independent jurors from Fraunhofer, VDI, ESA, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and GMP-Reinraumtechnik. We appreciate the recognition of our work, which continues to drive our pioneering spirit, because "Pioneers never stop exploring".

Hydroflex @LOUNGES 2019
Hydroflex @LOUNGES 2019