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Hydroflex Group cooperates with World Vision in Vietnam

Giving back. Promoting the development of children and families in underdeveloped regions in a country in which Hydroflex operates. It was with this goal in mind, that the owners of Hydroflex decided to engage socially with a suitable partner in Vietnam. The brothers Edward and Terry Becker found this suitable partner in the children's charity organization World Vision Deutschland e.V., which has also been carrying out development projects in Vietnam for many years.

"We have an important production facility in Vietnam and visit it regularly," explains Edward Becker. "The kindness and warmth of the people there have fascinated us from the very beginning, as has the whole country". But at the same time he refers to the difficult living conditions specially in underdeveloped regions, in the South-East Asian country with it’s over 95 Million inhabitants. "We can achieve something very positive, especially for the children who still have their future ahead of them. Many girls and boys grow up in poor living and hygienic conditions, and partly without kindergarten or school education. To bring help to those who need it most, is a project close to our heart”.

The desire to provide effective and transparent help for self-help in Vietnam brought the two entrepreneurs together with World Vision Germany "We want to see and experience where and how our charity projects make a difference", said Terry Becker. The children's charity organization is known for its responsible and transparent handling of donations and provides many insights into the success of its projects. World Vision stays in personal contact with the people and projects it supports and commits to a long-term development plan for a complete region. With sponsorships for 60 children, aged between 3 and 16 years, Hydroflex is now investing in better living conditions and the future of the children and their families in central and southern Vietnam. For better hygiene conditions and sanitation.  For clean drinking water. For good medical care. For a better quality of life in the land of the sons of dragons and fairy daughters.

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Sponsorship for 60 children in Vietnam
Sponsorship for 60 children in Vietnam