A new refrigerated truck

for ensuring that the cool chain is not interrupted

Tafel Deutschland e.V. is a non-profit aid organization that distributes food that is no longer used in the economic cycle and would otherwise be destroyed. The umbrella organization is mostly active on a municipal level. The Hydroflex Group GmbH is situated in the area of Tafel Giessen. 

Yesterday, Tafel Giessen could take over a new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter refrigerated truck in the Neils & Kraft distribution center in Giessen. The acquisition was urgently necessary because two vehicles failed last year due to engine damage and broken axles. This important replacement was only possible with the generous financial support of sponsors.

Mercedes-Benz has been one of the main sponsors of the German Tafel since 1998. Other sponsors who made the purchase of the vehicle possible are Lidl, the Schulz Foundation, the Glückspirale and Hydroflex.

The refrigerated trucks are of existential importance to the Tafel. They approach more than 75 grocery stores every week and transport bread, fruit, vegetables and refrigerated goods to the central Tafel location in Giessen and to its branch offices from the surrounding area.  The refrigerated vehicles ensure that the cold chain is not interrupted, and that the food can be served to those in need in perfect quality.

‘With the new refrigerated truck, we are able to continue to optimally guarantee the transport of our goods. We are happy and would like to thank all sponsors from the bottom of our hearts for their great support, without which our work would not be possible.’ said Anna Conrad, Organizational Manager at Tafel Giessen.

As a sponsor Hydroflex handed over the new refrigerated truck to Tafel Giessen