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X-Series | Wet and Dry

High-tech vacuum cleaner for highest requirements

Our new PurVac® vauum cleaners are fully designed from stainless and and have a GMP conform design. With an 4-stage filtration system, ULPA-filters, autoclavable tanks with castors and a gauge on motor head to show filter saturation the new series is high ergonomic and easy to handle.
The X-series is recommended for removal of fluid or dry contamination upt to cleanroom class ISO 5.
The complete accessory set is included.
PurVac® X-1-1000-T is a dry and very compact cleanroom vacuum cleaner
PurVac® X2-1000-T is a dry cleanroom vacuum cleaner
PurVac® X3-1100-NT and PurVac® X4-1100-NT are wet and dry cleanroom vacuum cleaners
PurVac® X-Series
PurVac X1-1000-T

PurVac® X-1-1000-T

Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner | dry compact

Art.-Nr. 2661000


PurVac X2-1000-T

PurVac® X2-1000-T

Cleanroom Vacuumm Cleaner | dry

Art.-Nr. 2661001


PurVac X3-1100-NT

PurVac® X3-1100-NT

Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner | wet and dry

Art.-Nr. 2661002


PurVac X4-1100-NT

PurVac® X4-1100-NT

Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner | wet and dry

Art.-Nr. 2661003