PurMop® Cleanroom mops

Easy to handle - but tremendously effective

Disposable Mops | Safe-Use: For single-use in a cleanroom
Safe-Use disposable mops allow a high effective and safe cleanroom cleaning. With every application the mop is new and fully functional. Our single-use mops are made of high quality materials, are extremely economical in usage and can be reused outside cleanrooms.
E-Series: Dry | Ready-to-use mops: V-Series – presaturated + ready-to-use

Reusable Mops | Basic-Use: For multiple use in a cleanroom
Basic-Use reusable mops are the traditional version of cleanroom mops and are made for multiple use in cleanrooms with lower requirements. For a safe application, the M-series mops need to be decontaminated and professional prepared.

SANI-USE Mops: For usage within grey and hygiene areas
Sani-Use reusable mops are durable microfiber mops for usage in grey and hygiene areas (outside the cleanroom). They are made for multiple washing and reusage.


PurMop® Cleanroom mops

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Cleanroom mops