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Ready-2-Use - easy and safe cleaning and disinfection

The innovative 2 in 1 solution: PurMop® disposable mops with integrated disinfectant from InSpec™. Select your individual solution!

The completely new product concept from Hydroflex and Redditch Medical uses a special burst pouch technology to provide a disposable mop with a full range of cleaning and disinfecting agents specially designed for cleanrooms. The disposable mop and disinfectant are delivered in one packaging unit but are separated through a burstable compartment. For use simply burst the pouch, distribute the fluid and after a short waiting time the disinfectant will evenly and sufficiently saturate the mops. Thanks to the separation of the two components a long shelf life for mop and fluid can be ensured without reducing the effectiveness of the disinfectant over time.

Your advantages:
_ Ready-2-Use within seconds 
_ No cleaning trolley needed anymore 
_ Excludes incorrect dosage 
_ Full range of cleanroom disinfectants and cleaning agents 
_ Saves disinfectants

Easy handling: 
You choose the suitable disposable mop and the desired disinfectant from an extensive range, activate the burstable pouch and you can start with the cleaning and disinfection.

Hydroflex PurMop-InSpec Mix & Clean

Safe-Use Disposable Mops

Safe-Use mops, perfectly meet the high demands for safety and consistent quality in cleanroom cleaning. With the innovative E-Series we offer a range of cleanroom mops which are made from high quality raw materials with an increased cleaning performance.
_ I nnovative high-tech material for highest cleaning performance
_ Cleanroom processed with full documentation for every batch
_ PurMop® cleanroom mops are certi-ed for cleanrooms by Fraunhofer Institute
_ Designed for maximum performance using minimal resources
_ All PurMop® disposable mops are reusable for non-critical applications for added value

InSpec™ Disinfectants

The InSpec product line is specifically designed to meet the quality, performance and legal requirements for the disinfection and cleaning of GMP cleanrooms used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices and all aseptic processes. The InSpec-line offers the following benefits:
_ Protected and standardized formulations - future-proof customer validation
_ InSpec products are manufactured in accordance with GMP within an established quality management system & manufacturing process
_ Disinfectant for rotation, sporicidal and alcoholic solutions for all production scales
_ Rapid and thorough validation possible through technical support of experts and technical documentation
_ All biocides are tested in accordance with EN-standards and approved in accordance with the Biocide Product Regulation (BPR)


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