Easy Cleanroom Cleaning with Hydroflex

Ready-2-Use concept makes disinfection easier and safer


With PurMop®-InSpec™, Hydroflex now offers a complete range of ready-to-use cleanroom microfiber mops for the first time. A completely GMP-compliant, rotating disinfection program can be implemented with PurMop®-InSpec™, whether using biocide disinfectants (e.g. IPA, ethanol, quats, amphoteric tensides), sporicides (e.g. hypochlorous acid, H2O2, Ox), or neutral cleaning agents.

Typical problems connected with cleaning GMP class B and, in some cases, GMP class C areas include correctly dosing disinfectants, extensive GMP documentation for multiple components, and space restrictions that complicate the storage of cleaning equipment. These are all associated with high costs, particularly due to staff expenditure. Hydroflex meets precisely these challenges, which the industry faces every day. Together with a renowned disinfectant manufacturer, the cleanroom cleaning specialist has developed a new solution for the disinfection of GMP cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical industry, in pharmacies, and in manufacturing plants.

Besides correct dosage and precise liquid quantities, easy and safe handling is another large advantage of PurMop®-InSpec™. No material wear, no risks of residual contamination, and easy validation of the mops are further important aspects. In addition, PurMop®-InSpec™ reduces cost because these are only incurred when disinfection is actually performed and, even then, only for the precise amount of mops required. All PurMop®-InSpec™ microfiber mops have a surface capacity of approximately 15 square meters and provide an outstanding cleaning performance. The basis is the certified PurMop® EF40, which is filled with the correct amount of liquid and packaged under sterile conditions in cleanroom class ISO 5. All products have a long sterile shelf and storage life of 12 / 24 months. This is because the mops and cleaning agents are stored separately until shortly before use, when the user activates the specially developed “burst pouch” – a multichambered packaging that enables on-demand saturation within a few minutes.

Full sporicide performance with a gentle agent

The PurMop® EF40-HA in particular is a true innovation: this cleanroom mop is presaturated with an extremely effective but, at the same time, user-friendly disinfectant that is gentle on materials – a sterile, ready-to-use sporicide. A ready-to-use product that is not caustic or health-hazardous but is instead very mild, ensuring full sporicidal efficacy in accordance with EN 13704.

Hydroflex presents the first full-solution cleanroom disinfection concept: with high-performance, ready-to-use cleanroom flat mops. Besides products for surface disinfection, the complete product range of InSpec™ is also available in a variety of formats – for example, as sterile spray bottle, concentrate, canister, and presaturated wipes. This makes validation significantly easier for the user, as the same disinfectant agent can be applied in a wide range of formats, suitable for all surfaces in a cleanroom.

If you want to find out more about the advantages, optimization opportunities, and savings potential for your application purpose, please get in touch with us.