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Disposable mop technology is on the rise

PurMop® Cleanroom Cleaning
PurMop® Cleanroom Cleaning

This unwanted dirt can consist of various particulate and microbial contamination types, as well as residues of cleaning agents and disinfectants. To efficiently remove this contamination from the surface, mechanical action is needed – for this, special microfibre materials are ideal. The choice here is between mop covers which are designed for multiple re-usage in cleanrooms (they must of course be washable and sterilisable where necessary) and single-use mop covers which are designed to be disposed of or recycled after use. But what is the best and most effective choice?

Optimising cleanroom cleaning processes with all its aspects is a science in itself, as is the work in cleanrooms. Manufacturers of cleanroom cleaning systems are required to constantly meet new requirements and implement new technologies whilst improving the efficiency of the complete process. At Hydroflex, this is the task we set ourselves each day.

Remaining close to the customer is very important in this development process. To quote the Managing Directors of Hydroflex, Edward and Terry Becker: “In order to ensure that our products meet our customer’s demands and when implementing and establishing new ideas and cleaning concepts, we constantly remain in close contact with our customers.” Already 4 years ago, the young company from the Marburg region introduced the first disposable microfibre mop covers to the market. The then new concept was the answer to the demands of the pharmaceutical industry for maximum safety, documentation and GMP conformity, together with high cleaning performance. Since then, the single-use mop system has been continuously developed further and consistently optimised in terms of cost, performance and ecology. Today, the market trend in pharmaceutical production is clearly moving towards the use of disposable products. Many companies in the pharmaceutical sector, not only in Germany but also globally, are benefiting from the single-use mop system – like, for instance, a major manufacturer of vaccines in the Marburg region.

Customers are interested not only in the 100% safety and certified cleanliness of every single mop but also in the reduced effort of storing fresh as well as dirty mops along with simplified logistics. A huge advantage of the Hydroflex disposable mops is that they can be washed and re-used in hygiene zones and grey areas after one usage in the cleanroom.

“Although our PurMop® disposable mops are designed for single use in cleanrooms, they are not made from inferior materials to those of reusable mops. Our single-use mops can be washed and used for other cleaning tasks outside of the cleanroom without a problem,” explains Edward Becker, adding that the PurMop® microfibre mop material even consists of special fibres with superior quality. “These unique high-performance fibres are made of pure polyester and are characterised by their special manufacturing process, their shape and their enhanced performance. As only 100% polyester materials are used, the entire mop boasts high durability and cleanroom suitability.” Due to the multi-layered construction and extra liquid storage, our disposable mop equal the typical performance of reusable mops. Disposable mop covers do not undergo the typical wear and tear of reusable mops, which are highly subject to mechanical and chemical stress during use, and due to the washing and possibly sterilisation process. For the single-use mops, an inspection before each use is not necessary, as the mops are always new and in perfect condition, and batch-specific documents and certificates are included in every delivery. The enhanced safety and simplified quality assurance process are especially important aspects to hygiene material such as cleaning equipment. Hydroflex sees a confirmation of the trend towards disposable mops technology in the steadily increasing demand and the rising number of satisfied customers.

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